Utilitas for android

utilitas  for android “all-in-one”

* It’s free and always will be!
* No Ads Ever!
* App2SD for Froyo (and above)!

Timer CountdownTimer Countdown

ⓤ utilitas
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Quick and easy to use

Utilitas contains many useful apps:
Number to Word, Days calculator, Date calculator, Stopwatch, Timer, Countdown, Compass, Torch, Watch, SpiritLevel, Random, Lens, Converter, SunSet SunRise, Ruler, Discount, Protractor.
Many applications are able to do such things.
However, there are very few as intuitive, robust and dynamic as utilitas, which is
a solid combination of performance, stability and usability.
With a very clean interface design based on the common Android interface, utilitas is incredibly easy to use.
Numbers) This very handy conversion tool converts numbers to letters. (English – French – Italian – Spanish)
DateCalc) The interface features two basic tools, one for entering a number of days to know what day it will be and another to show the number of days, between two dates.
Stopwatch) Stopwatch continues timing even after you quit your app or lock your phone. Catch multiple times and no maximum number of hours.
Timer) Timer And Countdown. You can switch between the panels by top button or using the menu button.
Compass) clean, simple Compass application
Torch) flashlight keys: volume+ volume- camera / menu
Watch) if you touch the screen, the display gets the lowest brightness level (black screen)
SpiritLevel) Measures the inclination of a surface in both X and Y direction, includes a calibration function.
Random) random number generator with text-to-speech translator
Lens) Virtual Magnifying Glass
Converter) unit converter with 5 categories (Length –  Area – Volume – Weight – Temperature)
Sun) Sunrise and Sunset Calculator
Ruler) Centimeters and inches
Discount) Estimated discount
Protractor) Measure degrees
Plumb) Measure the inclination of anything with your Android Phone
ⓤ utilitas is a very important and powerful tool to do many things.

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  3. paul sinclair says:

    Heard this was a good app, looking forward to using it.


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